More Handouts from ASHA 2012 Convention

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More Handouts from ASHA 2012 Convention
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Getting to conferences to hear about new developments in AAC is always re-energizing. Here are some of the handouts from ASHA’s 2012 Convention in Atlanta.More Handouts from ASHA 2012 Convention

  1. Edwin and Esther Prentke AAC Distinguished Lecture: Education, Empowerment, and Employment of People Who Use AAC by Jennifer Lowe
  2. Using AAC Device-Generated Data to Develop Therapy Sessions by Russell Cross
  3. Analyzing Language Development Physically Impaired Children Using AAC Devices by Moniks Ortloff, Paul Andres, Meher Banajee, and Gail Van Tatenhove
  4. Teaching Children to Produce Novel Multi-Symbol Questions/Statements via AAC Apps by Jennifer Kent-Walsh, Cathy Binger, Pamela Resnick, and Carolyn Buchanan
  5. The App Revolution: Where Are We in the Evolution?  by Elizabeth (Libby) Rush and Celeste Helling
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