More Core Words Visualized

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More Core Words Visualized
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Apple Core GreenAs promised when we posted the January-May core words with PCS, here are June-December core words visualized with PCS.  You can print, laminate, and keep them handy as you are teaching core vocabulary.  Better Hearing and Speech Month is a great time to give them to educators and families to help everyone stay focused on the core words of the week or month. We would love if you share these core words in any other symbol sets you have created.  Have fun with 2014 core vocabulary words.

2014 June Core Words

2014 July Core Words

2014 August Core Words

2014 September Core Words

2014 October Core Words

2014 November Core Words

2014 December Core Words

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  • Kimberly Hurley says:

    Thank you! What a timesaver!

  • Thank you so, so much for doing this. I feel like every month y’all knock something off of my personal to-do list — and usually, I get the idea to add it to the list because of the amazing resources and information that you post! On behalf of the people that I support, thank you!

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