Mobility for People Who Use AAC: Remembering Christine Wright-Ott

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Mobility for People Who Use AAC: Remembering Christine Wright-Ott
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Christine Wright OttIn memory of Christine Wright-Ott (1951-2023), we are reprising her guest posts on the importance of effective mobility strategies for young AAC users. Christine was an Occupational Therapist and consultant at The Bridge School in Hillsborough California. She authored the chapter, Mobility, in several editions of the book, Occupational Therapy for Children. Christine lectured at universities and conferences including ATIA, Closing the Gap, ISAAC, ISS, and AAC by the Bay.

We are grateful to Christine for her contributions to the AAC community and the powerful legacy she leaves behind.

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  • Karen Natoci says:

    I am so sad and shocked to hear of her passing. I was honored to work with her briefly at The Bridge School. She was a highly respected human and professional. I wish everyone who was close to her much comfort during this time.

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