PrAACtical Summer Activities

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PrAACtical Summer Activities
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It’s summer time and hopefully you have some time for some fun meaningful language experiences.  There are many resources to help prAACtically support many summer time traditional activities.  Check these out:

SwimmingSpecial Education British Columbia- Picture Set has a great visual support for pool routines. Tammy Anderson from Aqua Pros Swim School shares Innovative and Fun Visual Supports for teaching swimming.

CookingRecipes visualized from Dade County Schools (need boardmaker software to open) OR Recipes visualized from Your Special Chef (no boardmaker necessary)

Bubbles are a great outdoor activity for the summer. SLP Tanna Neufeld shares her ideas and communication displays to make bubbles a meaningful language learning experience. 

Nature Walks- Visual checklists help make nature walks meaningful language experiences. The checklist provides a visual organization that can build in symbol/language learning as well as providing an easy way to talk about the event after it is over. Check Lakeshore Learning’s nature walk checklist and other free outdoor resources.




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