PrAACtical AAC Core Words & July 4th: Get Ready, Get Set, Go

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PrAActical AAC Learning & July 4th: Get Ready, Get Set, Go
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fireworksBegin the July 4th conversation now, talk about it on the 4th as it is happening, and then  summarize the experience on Friday (after) with pictures, conversation, writing, and reading.  We love holiday celebrations for the preparation as much as the celebration itself. It builds excitement AND gives us a chance to prAACtice core words as well as begin special activities. 

If you have not already started, today is a good day to introduce a social story™ especially if a learner has difficulty with loud noises (firecrackers), crowds or lots of people, new foods (picnics) or  routine changes. A participation story is also helpful just to prepare learners for the celebration activities.

It is also a good idea to develop meaningful language activities about July 4th today.  Get some great free stories from TarHeel Reader – July 4th Books Make art projects, play games, sing songs, prepare recipes which will help teach new vocabulary, concepts, world knowledge and more.  Positively Autism has some awesome Flash Cards,  Books & Songs that will free up some prep time for you.

Cooking materials

We also continue to work with core words and if you have been following our ‘Year of Core Words’, here are some ways to incorporate the July words into the celebrations. We model and facilitate these words while playing, reading, preparing, and watching different activities and events before, during, and after July 4th.



“Cook and eat”

We are going to eat corn and hamburgers”

“I want to see my aunts and uncles”

“We need red, white and  blue”


“Want corn before hamburger’

“See big one before little one”

“Go swimming before eat”


Color, color, color(when watching fireworks)

“Wow, color is so pretty”

“The sky is so full of color


Find it”

Find the fireworks”

“I find a lot of colors”


“That is my favorite”

“Red is next”

“Now blue is next”

“Last is white”


Later we swim”

“We will see it later

“I want to have dessert later


“I love you”

“I love it”

“Look, they love it”

“We all love to celebrate because it is so much fun”


“Eat so much

“We sing too much

“There is so much stuff going on”

“All this noise is too much for my ears”


Ready, set go”

Are you ready

Are you ready for the celebration

“We are so ready for the fireworks to begin”


“It is the same

“Is it the same

“The same one came again”

“We love the same ones each year”


They are funny”

“We go and they stay”

“We have red and they have blue paper”

“Are you sure they are coming”



“Go with you”

“Want butter with my corn”

“See red with white inside”

Let me try to mix it with the other color.

Have a GREAT day preparing for tomorrow’s festivities!


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