Happy World Autism Day!

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Happy World Autism Day
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World Autism Day!Enjoy!

Voices of Autism- The SongStream Project explores the role of music in the lives of four young musicians on the autism spectrum. This project contributes to the conversation about autism beyond statistics and into the domain of appreciation and celebration.

AAC Image Links (Great for training and education)-

Speak for Yourself – Autism & AAC Awareness (bonus- enter to win Speak for Yourself AAC App)

AAC Do’s & Dont’s by Lauren Enders

AAC It’s Easy as 1,2,3 by Marcia Sterna

World Autism Day Free or Discounted Apps-  These are worth checking out! Look for more at the Appy Mall.

app ibaby buttons

i Baby Buttons- cause-effect iPad learning. Images and information within app work for all ages. Free today only.

app Choiceworks

ChoiceWorks- Schedules and much, much more. Discounted today $2.99.

app Toca House

Toca House- Have fun doing chores. PrAACtice throughout the house. Free today only.

app Speech Journal

Speech Journal- PrAACtice using photos to comment, converse, and tell stories. Free today.




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