Core Words for February: Putting Together Sentences

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Core Words for February: Putting Together Sentences
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The recent ATIA 2015 Conference in Orlando served as validation that core vocabulary is now a widely accepted practice in supporting language development with AAC learners. Presentation after presentation discussed the rationale, research support, and strategies for implementation.

In 2013, we suggested that one way to help strengthen learners’ abilities with core words is to take a different set of 12-20 core words each month and focus on them for a few weeks. How? By modeling those words, making resource materials (like word cards with the symbols), creating activities in which those words figure prominently, posting them in the classroom/therapy room, reading books that have heavy use of these words, sharing them with families, write stories using them, etc.

In this post, we share some sample sentences to model for our February 2013 and 2014 core words. The target words for this month are in CAPS.

2013 Year of Core

  1. again
  2. eat
  3. get
  4. go
  5. happy
  6. here
  7. I/me
  8. on
  9. play
  10. put
  11. this


  • Let’s GO PLAY.
  • GET ME that.
  • I am HAPPY.
  • HERE you GO.
  • GO GET it.
  • PUT it HERE for ME.
  • You want to EAT AGAIN??!

2014 A(nother) Year of Core

  1. afraid
  2. father
  3. girl
  4. how
  5. hurt
  6. many
  7. myself
  8. new
  9. school
  10. sing
  11. stuff
  12. thirsty
  13. trouble
  14. watch
  15. wet
  16. will


  • What’s NEW?
  • HOW was SCHOOL?
  • Get your STUFF, GIRL!
  • Grr! HOW MANY times WILL I have to tell you?!
  • WATCH out. You WILL HURT him.
  • Thirsty? Okay, I WILL get you some WET STUFF.
  • Your FATHER is in TROUBLE.
  • Are you AFRAID that I WILL SING?
  • That GIRL went to a NEW SCHOOL.

Looking for these words with symbols plugged in? Here are some posts with resources made possible by PrAACtical AAC readers. You guys are terrific!

  1. Minspeak/Unity version: 2013
  2. PCS versions: 2013 , 2014
  3. Speak for Yourself version: 2014
  4. SymbolStix version: 2013
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