August PrAACtice Ideas- A Year of Core Words

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August PrAACtice Ideas: A Year of Core WOrds
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We continue to work with core words and if you have been following our  ‘Year of Core Words’, here are some ways to use the August words for  preparing, playing, & reading for  summer  fun and beginning school year activities. With some aided language modeling (ALI),  repetition with variety, and meaningful language experiences, you will expand communication and core word vocabulary quickly.

Stay Calm & Model On…



like any

make any drink

stop any talk

later any play is good


bring it

bring me some

after done bring there

bring more to me


fun day

play is fun day

go day after

find day to go there


fall down

want fall

big fall

ready go fall


give some

what give me

who give that

lets give him some


more hot

that is hot

put hot thing there

it hot not cold now


go job

my job help

job is put away

like my job now


Know it

He know me

I know he is happy

Later know we go


other thing

not other one

tell big other thing

she put other down


help sick

she sick now

can make sick later

bad sick make sad


I  sorry

sorry fall down

again sorry make go

he sorry it go off


go together

together eat some

read it together again

make some drink together


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