Video of the Week: AAC Strategy for Scanning by AAC Chicks

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AAC Strategy for Scanning + More by AAC CHicks
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Great example of teaching AAC. The communication partner/facilitator used the Think Aloud Strategy & really observed and determined the scanning strategy the learner used.  Then there is plenty of enthusiasm, reinforcement, and a meaningful language experience.  Enjoy watching this excellent example.

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This post was written by Robin Parker


  • Vicki Clarke says:

    Thanks for posting this Robin! I’m so proud of both little Gwendolyn, who is AMAZING and my student intern Jamie, who shows fantastic empathy and listening with all her children. Wonderful skills from both girls! 🙂

    • Avatar photo Robin Parker says:

      Thanks for sharing this great example of AAC teaching. It helps so many people to see examples of how it is done right! Thanks for all that you do!

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