UpDated: 2013 Quick PrAACtical AAC Giveaway Winners

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2013 Quick Giveaway
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We are so excited for a great 2013 and we have 2 AAC Giveaway Winners!

Congratulations! Thank you to everyone who participated and to Therapy Box Apps Scene & Heard-  (Scene & Heard) & Enabling Devices/Toys for Special Children

Giveaway Winners

#1   Enabling Devices/Toys for Special Children has generously donated a  4-Compartment Scanning Communicator.   Please show your  appreciation of Enabling Devices by visiting and liking their Facebook page.

4-Compartment Scanner

#2 Scene & Heard-  We have one code for the Scene & Heard AAC app that supports multiple languages through voice recordings and supports switch scanning.  Scene & Heard takes a visual scene approach to AAC and we are so appreciative to T-Box Apps for donating their app for this giveaway.  Don’t forget to show your appreciation by liking their Facebook Page.

App Scene & Heard

Enter the Giveaway- How Does It Work?

  • We use Rafflecopter to administer the giveaways. All entries made through there will be counted toward our drawings.
  • Enter now and everyday until Monday January 7th at midnight. 2 winners will be chosen.
  • Prizes are randomly assigned to each winner. We’ll send an email letting winners know the prize they have won.
  • The winners will have 5 days to respond to our email.
  • You’ll need to be a good sport to play along because we’re not going to get into requests for specific prizes or substitutions. (As I learned from wise-beyond-her-years Pauleen, “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset.” Love that!)
  • We’ll send out the prizes. And, hopefully, the winners will take a moment to thank the prize donors.

How Often Can You Enter?
That depends on what kind of entry it is. See our  Quick PrAACtical AAC Rafflecopter for details.

The Fine Print

  1. Winners have 5 days to respond to the email with prize notification. On day 6 after the notification was sent, we will draw a new winner for that prize. Check your spam filters so you don’t miss our notification.
  2. Tech Support: Regrettably, we can’t provide it. If you have trouble with Flickr, Scoop.It, Twitter, or Facebook or anything like that, you’ll have to rely on your problem-solving skills to FIO (figure it out). We’re new to a lot of this ourselves, so we probably wouldn’t be much help anyway.
  3. In the event of unforeseen difficulties with prize donors or other things that give us grief, we reserve the right to make prize substitutions.
  4. What if you don’t like or need your prize? There’s probably someone in your community who does. Consider donating it to a local school, hospital, clinic, or library. We won’t be making substitutions based on winners’ preferences. (Sorry, folks. We gotta leave some time in the day for our real jobs.)
  5. The app code that was donated is for the US app store.
  6. iPads are not included.
  7. We are not responsible for prizes that get lost in the mail.

That’s about it.

Whether or not you decide to enter, we hope you can take a minute to support those who’ve generously contributed to this prAACtical celebration.

Good luck, everyone!
a Rafflecopter giveaway

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This post was written by Robin Parker


  • Kelly Van Singel says:

    I use AAC daily with my daughter who has autism and severe apraxia. When she wants something…we use it as an opportunity to use AAC.

    • Avatar photo Robin Parker says:

      Thanks for sharing. Creating many opportunities each day is the key. The more prAACtice with communication, the easier it gets.

  • Angie Gorz says:

    We use AAC apps in our daily routine because my son has very Autism, limited speech, Apraxia, primary speech delay and CP. AAC apps help him communicate his needs when we cannot understand his limited speech, or if he trying to use a sentence. He gets very frustrated when you cannot understand him. So, working in everyday situations AAC apps are helpful, as well as working on new words and phrases. 🙂 Unfortunately, we only have a tiny, lite version of one right now.

  • Laura Kristen says:

    I am an SLP with a job focused on providing AAC evaluations and consultations to individuals of all ages and with a variety of diagnoses.

  • Rebecca Kasdon says:

    I am an SLP in Early Intervertion specializing in AAC. I use a “total communication” approach incorporating words, signs, symbols, and voice output devices and switches with most of my little guys! It is amazing to be a part of and I am always looking for new tools.

  • ruth morgan says:

    I love your website and all you do! These are generous prizes! Thanks!

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Ruth, we are such huge fans of your site as well. Seems like we are sharing a post of yours on our FB page every few days!

  • Carly says:

    As a speech language pathologist I have several student who use AAC to communicate. I program devices, I make materials and of course teach/reinforce use of AAC.

  • Jasmine T says:

    It’s terrific to be a part of a site with many other professionals who work in the same area! These are both tools that would be valuable in my practice.

  • Jocelyn says:

    I don’t have students on my current caseload using AAC devices but I did use AAC with students in my clinical fellowships. One way I used a Go Talk was to help students order lunch on a field trip. The class was going to Mc Donalds, so we included symbols for different food and drinks so the student could order his own meal.

  • Carla says:

    Thanks! This great!

  • Baila says:

    I moved to Israel 5 years and was pleasantly surprised to find how advanced this country is with regard to AAC. Love your site, check it daily and could certainly use one (or both!) of those great prizes.

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      Baila, thanks for the kind words! We are big fans of the way our colleagues around the world are approaching services to people with AAC needs. There are lots of exciting things going on that, unfortunately, most Americans don’t know much about. Plz touch base with us to share any examples of great AAC work you come across in your new home. We love to learn!

  • Angie Gorz says:

    Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  • Avatar photo Robin Parker says:

    We are very thankful to the generous developer (Therapy Box Apps) and company (Enabling Devices/Toys for Special Children) that make these giveaways possible. Also, thanks for being part of it.

  • Frances A. says:

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway. I could use this in my daily life because I teach students with Autism and Multiple Disabilities. As a teacher I see over 80 students and give support and training to teachers, paraprofessionals and others on AAC especially via iPad. I think this could be another great tool to share for growth and learning.

    • Avatar photo Robin Parker says:

      Love your thoughts on learning & training. AAC will be part of the student’s ‘world’ if everyone is using it.

  • Darla says:

    As an assistive technology coordinator, I get to help therapists choose AAC devices that would best benefit their students. Love my job and love AAC! PrAACtical AAC is one of my favorite resources to share with our teachers and therapists.

  • Angie Gorz says:

    Good luck to all!

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