AAC on Facebook: 10 Groups to Check Out

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AAC on Facebook: 10 Groups to Check Out
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Have an AAC question that you need answered at 11:00 pm? Want to be alerted to discounts on AAC apps? Need some ideas for AAC teaching? Looking for a specific AAC assessment form? Have some time to encourage a family or professional who is new to AAC? Just got the news that you have a budget for equipment and want suggestions?

Facebook is a great place to connect with like-minded individuals to converse about AAC and related topics. Most SGD companies and app developers have their own Facebook pages, so search for the ones that you use most frequently.

Here are some of the more active AAC groups on Facebook that are not aligned to a specific device or app.

  1. AAC for the SLP 
  2. AAC and AT Networking
  3. Augmentative Communication Resources and Help 
  4. AAC: Alternative Awesome Communicators
  5. Rett Syndrome Communication Device and Information Exchange 
  6. Angelman, Literacy, and Education (NOT limited to Angelman Syndrome)
  7. PODD and Angelman Syndrome (Again, NOT restricted to AS)
  8. Apraxia-Kids (not AAC-specific but lots of good information)
  9. AAC Through Motivate, Model, and Move Out of the Way 
  10. SMA Communication Device Users 

Oh, and while you’re there, stop by PrAACtical AAC and see all the goodies we share in between posts.

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