5 AAC Facebook Groups for Families of Beginning Communicators

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5 AAC Facebook Groups for Families of Beginning Communicators
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Empowering families to become part of a larger AAC community on social media venues is a powerful way to support them. Five years ago, when we published our first list of suggested AAC-focused Facebook groups, it was a game-changer for many of our families. Following the evaluation, they could visit those spaces to gain more insight into the practicalities of using AAC on a daily basis, and connect with a community of families and professionals who were heavily invested in the communicative growth of individuals with significant communication challenges. Many of them returned to those spaces over and over again first to seek support, and later to offer it. Some even went on to create their own groups and made arrangements to meet some of their AAC Facebook ‘friends’ face-to-face.  

Much has changed since we made those original recommendations and it is time to refresh that list. Of course, we’d love to have you visit the PrAACtical AAC Facebook page (click here) but there are quite a few groups that have AAC content and support that is helpful to families of beginning communicators using a wide range of AAC tools. Here are some parent-friendly AAC groups that are to explore.

 As with all groups, take the time to read through the purpose, guidelines, and rules so that you can participate appropriately. 

Do you have one that we should add to the list? Please let us know in the comments below.

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This post was written by Carole Zangari


  • Laura Elizabeth says:

    All great! Hold My Words is my personal favorite page as it is one with a family perspective with many great resources for immediate take aways

  • Gwen Harper says:

    You asked for additional FB pages for families. If they are Proloquo users, there is a family page (assistiveware’s family members aac community) (and a professional page) that is administered by the people at AssistiveWare.

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