AAC & Dinosaur Apps for Literacy and Language

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AAC & Dinosaur Apps for Literacy & Language
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We have students of all ages who love dinosaurs. From young children to the teenager or adult we can use the theme of dinosaurs when teaching AAC, language and literacy.  You can do a theme of fun dinosaurs  all the way to paleontology and archeology. Dinosaurs as a theme can support goals for core & fringe vocabulary, narratives, reading, and writing. Many  students will do more and work harder if there is a high interest theme. Here are some apps for those dinosaur loving students.

Dinosaurs Books

BooksHow to Hide A Dinosaur– children, iPad,  fun book

Dinoboy Adventures– children, iPad & iPhone +, interactive book where you can make choices to modify the story

Tiny Time Machine- Dinosaurs– children, iPad & iPhone +,  a travel adventure mystery

Oh Can You Say Di -NO -Saur Dr. Seuss Cat In the Hat– children, iPad & iphone + , fun book

Dinosaur Book HD: iDinobook– all ages, iPad, fact based book

Diana Dreams About Dinosaurs-children,  iPad, fun book

Dinos Sleep children, iPad & iPhone +, sleep routine

Britannica Kids: Dinosaurs– any age,  iPad & iPhone +, reading and games about dinosaurs

Sid Surga Saurus Surfing Dinosaur children, iPad, fun book & songs

Ansel and Clair- Cretaceous Dinosaurs– children, iPad, Dinosaur interactive fun curriculum

Dinosaur Vocabulary, Spelling, Writing, & Phonics

Dinosaur Dig for Toddlers HD– children, iPad & iPhone +, excavate dinosaur bones to find all the types of dinosaurs

Spellosaur– children, iPad & iPhone +, create your own spelling lists

Dinosaur Letters– children, iPad & iPhone +, learn to trace/write and sound out letters

Dinosaur Stickers Free– all ages, iPad & iPhone +, dinosaur stickers to stamp onto habitats/backgrounds

Piece Me Dinosaur– children, iPad & iPhone +, spelling in an artistic puzzle app

Dino ABC’s– children, iPad & iPhone +, spelling

All Aboard the Dinosaur Train– children, iPad & iPhone +, problem solving, vocabulary, single or double player mode

Dinosaur iPad Story





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