A Little AAC Reading

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A Little AAC Reading
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Looking for a way to learn more about AAC issues and have a limited budget? Be sure to check out the back issues of Augmentative Communication News (ACN) and Augmentatively Speaking (AS).

AAC pioneer Sarah Blackstone wrote and published ACN, which distilled research and practice information into a quarterly publication that was both engaging and enlightening. Dr. Blackstone published ACN for 21 years (1988-2009) and has since made each of these newsletters available on her website.

You can download them as PDFs here. 

She also collaborated with Michael Williams on the publication of AS. This was a unique newsletter in that it was written by (and for) individuals who use AAC and was published for 15 years. The back issues are available here.

Both publications have information useful to clinicians, educators, families, and people who use AAC. Happy reading!


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