Free Resources for Making AAC and Visual Supports

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Free Resources for Making AAC and Visual Supports
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For comprehensive AAC systems, there is no doubt that we need access to tools with the communication symbols that match our client’s needs. There are times, though, when ‘free’ and ‘simple’ fits the bill. Whether you are a graduate student clinicians/teacher, parent, or professional, these tools may come in handy.

  1. Picto4Me: This executable program works with Google Chrome and allows you to create communication boards and other visual supports at no cost. You can Free Resources for Making AAC and Visual Supportsview and use the boards online via computer or mobile device or print them. This program offers voice output and scanning, too.
  2. ARASAAC: We’ve written about the wonderful resources at the Aragonese Portal of AAC in previous posts. Keep them in mind as you are searching for symbols or creating AAC supports.
  3. Trial versions: Some companies offer a free trial of their symbol software or programs so that consumers can try before they buy. We love that you can explore things like LessonPix and Boardmaker before committing to a purchase.
  4. QuickPics: If you don’t need a lot of images, the resources on Patrick Ecker’s site may meet your needs.
  5. Visuals Engine: The Canadian organization, ConnectAbility, has hosted this wonderful tool on their website for many years. It can be just the thing that you need to make a visual support quickly and easily.
  6. Chat Editor: If you haven’t used this tool since Saltillo began offering it as a free download, you are missing out on a wonderful resource. Once you install their Chat Editor, you can use the capture feature to create a wide variety of AAC supports.

Are there additional resources for making free AAC materials that you can recommend? We’d love to hear about them.

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