PrAACtical Resources: AAC Symbols

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PrAACtical Resources: AAC Symbols
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One of the first things that many SLPs ponder when doing an AAC assessment is about how language will be stored on an SGD, no-tech communication tool, visual support or AAC app. The issue is this: What symbols are best for this person’s communication aid? This is never an easy question to answer, but the proliferation of symbols used in visual supports, communication aids, SGDs, and AAC apps has made the process even more challenging.

There are several ways in which we go about answering that question, but that’s a post for another day. In this post, we want to share some of the most comprehensive sources for identifying your symbolic options. Here are some sites you may want to bookmark.

1. A Guide to Selecting Pictures and Symbol Sets for Communication by Sally Millar
2. Comparison chart of AAC symbol sets and systems by Spectronics
3. Links to various symbols and photo sets by Kate Ahern of Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs

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