59 Free and Lite AAC Apps

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59 Free and Lite AAC Apps
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The content of this post has been updated. Click HERE for the most current version that includes Android apps and a link to our AAC app rubric.

The AAC app market is growing faster than any of us could have imagined even a few months ago.  Here is our current list of AAC apps that are offered free or in lite versions. Thanks to Jane Farrall for the heads-up about some of the most recent additions.

  1. AlexiCom AAC
  2. Answers: Yes/No Free
  3. Augie Free (Free version not currently available in US)
  4. Autism 5-Point Scale EP (Autism Help)
  5. Com App
  6. Comunicador Personal Adaptable(Spanish)
  7. Communicate Mate Female: NEW
  8. Communicate Mate Male: NEW
  9. Connect Cards:NEW
  10. DIME Lite
  11. FreeSpeech: NEW
  12. Functional Communication System Lite: NEW
  13. Gabby Tabs Lite: NEW
  14. Grid Player    Gabby Tabs
  15. iBlissymbols Lite
  16. iComm Education
  17. iPhonic Lite
  18. iPicto Lite
  19. Locabulary Lite
  20. MetaTalk Lite
  21. My Choice Pad Lite: NEW
  22. My Talking Phone
  23. MyTalk Tools
  24. Neo Julie (also Kate and Paul)
  25. Noni Lite
  26. OneVoice-AAC
  27. Phrase Board
  28. Pic A Word
  29. Pics Aloud Lite
  30. Picture Card Maker
  31. Picture Board
  32. PocketAAC-LitePic A Word
  33. Say Hi AAC
  34. See and Say Lite: NEW
  35. Scene & Heard Lite
  36. Small Talk Aphasia (Male & Female)
  37. Small Talk Conversational Phrases
  38. Small Talk Daily Activities
  39. Small Talk Intensive Care
  40. Small Talk Pain Scale
  41. Sounding Board: NEW
  42. SFY_Speak4Youself Lite: NEW
  43. Speech Button: NEW
  44. Speech Buttons Free
  45. Sono Flex Lite
  46. Speak All
  47. Speak for Yourself LAT Kids
  48. Spubble Lite
  49. Talk Assist
  50. Talking Cards Lite: NEW
  51. Talking Text
  52. Talk Tommy
  53. Talk to Me 100 (free version has 9 locations)
  54. Talk 4 Me
  55. Tap to Talk
  56. Touch Chat Lite
  57. Verbally
  58. VocaBeans EN
  59. VoiceSymbol AAC
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