5 Sites for Tools & Tips on Self-Calming & Behavior Regulation

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5 Sites for Tools & Tips on Self-Calming & Behavior Regulation
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Spring is in the air and that means the thoughts of many school-based clinicians and teachers turn to…survival!  If our recent conversations with colleagues and families are any indication of what’s going on in the rest of the AAC world, it’s been a long year.

Sometimes that means that kids get antsy, professionals feel a little worn out and stressed, and families begin to worry about the long expanse of unstructured time from June to September. Here are some of the resources we’ve been looking at and sharing lately.

  1. Solid information on positive behavior support from Florida State University’s program, Positive Beginnings
  2. A host of wonderful visual supports for behavior from SET-BC
  3. Ideas for visual supports for behavior regulation from Lisa Geary, SLP, of LiveSpeakLove
  4. Love this DIY calming jar and these prAACtical ideas from the forum at A-Z Teacher Stuff
  5. Helpful downloads for visual supports from Geneva Centre for Autism’s eLearning Site. We love that they are offered in both English and French!

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