5 Resources for AAC Data Collection

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5 Resources for AAC Data Collection
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We’re big fans of AAC devices and apps that help with data collection. When used with appropriate attention to confidentiality issues (e.g., client consent, etc.) they can help SLPs gather data on how language is used under real-world conditions. When the data are interpreted skillfully, these are wonderful clinical resources that can help us adjust our intervention plans to accelerate learning.

Many times, however, we’re also looking for data collection tools that are separate from the AAC tool itself.

Here are some ideas for forms and tools for collecting data that help us plan better intervention.

1. The book How Do You Know It?  How Can You Show It? Making Assistive Technology Decisions (Reed, Bowser, & Korsten, 2002) has a good overview of concepts in data collection in AT and helpful forms. You can get a PDF of that book here.
2. The blog Teaching Learners with Multiple Special Needs has a nice form for tracking information when doing AAC device or apps trials.
3. There are a variety of nice forms and templates on the AAC Tech Connect website.
4. The AT Program at Allegheny Intermediate Unit also has a nice collection of data collection forms for AAC and other AT.
5. This article by Dr. Katya Hill discusses important issues for SLPs to consider in monitoring AAC use in school settings.

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  • Kelsey Cardana says:


    Would it be possible to update the links for some of the suggested resources? I would love to check them out, but ones suggested in #1, 4, and 5 seem to be unavailable.

    Thank you!

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