5 (More) Resources for Supporting Friendships in Individuals who use AAC

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5 (More) Resources for Supporting Friendships in Individuals who use AAC
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5 things

1. We love this article by ConnectAbility on helping children build friends.

2. Online connections can be fun, too. AAC Small Talk is a Yahoo group for kids who use AAC and their friends. It’s hosted by Pam Harris and Dr. Jill Senner.

3. Games and friends go hand-in-hand, but sometimes a little adult support is needed. We really liked the ideas in this post by SLP Tahirih Bushey on how to choose and play games that build communication: http://bit.ly/J3IMtM

4. Novita Children’s Services has some wonderful information about helping friendships to develop: http://bit.ly/HQQoMD

5. Explaining AAC to a child’s friends and classmates doesn’t have to be hard! We love this PowerPoint by master AAC clinician Gail Van Tatenhove. She wrote it for students in inclusive classrooms to introduce Minspeak so that they can be good communication partners for their friends who use AAC.

Want to see our earlier post on ways for SLPs to support friendships? Click here.

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