5 AAC Groups We Love

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5 AAC Groups We Love
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It’s great to have some places to turn to when we need answers to AAC questions, resources to share, and the like. Here are some of the AAC groups that we’ve been able to count on for support.
1. ACOLUG: An oldie but a goodie. Run by Diane Bryen and Tracy Rackenberger, this email list is primarily a venue for people who use AAC to connect with one another but, in the spirit of inclusion, keeps the list open to professionals and students as well.
2. ASHA SIG 12: We can always count on their quarterly publication, Perspectives on AAC, and the online AAC community for support and pertinent information. We miss their annual conference, though!
3. Communication Matters AAC Forum : The ISAAC UK Chapter runs this and it is chock full of helpful information. We love the search feature and the digest options.
4. PACT: Promoting Augmentative Communication Together is an online community for individuals who use AAC, their families, and professionals. Great source of practical information.
5. Augmentative Communication Community Partnerships (ACCP-C): These folks crank out great resources on important topics to the AAC community with a special emphasis on improving social awareness of the field. We love their booklet, Communicating Matters, and their many safety resources.
How about you? Which groups do you turn to when you need some quick help with an AAC issue?
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