5 AAC Downloads To Use and Share

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5 AAC Downloads To Use and Share
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Need a handout on AAC modeling? Want some AAC swag for your wall? Looking for a way to assess classroom communication opportunities? Today we revisit some tools from previous posts.

Feel free to download and share.

  1. AAC: Model It! Handout by the AT Team at Orange County Public Schools 5 AAC Downloads To Use and Share
  2. Caught or Taught5 AAC Downloads To Use and Share
  3. Recognize someone who supports AAC 5 AAC Downloads To Use and Share
  4. Teach AAC Facebook Cover Image 5 AAC Downloads To Use and Share
  5. Classroom Observation Tool (COCOA) 5 AAC Downloads To Use and Share


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This post was written by Carole Zangari


  • Carrie Balick says:

    HI Carol,

    I’m looking for the approximate number of how many times typically developing students hear a word before using it expressively vs AAC users.
    You referenced a quote from Gail Van Tatenhove 2009 in this article but I don’t see any footnote and couldn’t find it with a brief search online.
    Can you help?
    Carrie Balick, M.S., CCC – SLP
    AAC Specialist

    • Carole Zangari says:

      Hi Carrie-Jane Korsten (Every Move Counts) is credited with this most frequently. I haven’t found a source that has fact-checked it yet but will let you know if I do. Thanks for stopping by!

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