33 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, June 2012

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33 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, June 2012
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33 AAC Posts You May Have Missed, June 2012
The Fives

  1. PrAACtical Suggestions: 5 Ways to Elicit Language Without Asking a Direct Question
  2. 5 Tools to Make Aided Language Input Easier
  3. “Call Me Later:” 5 Supports for Phone Communication by People Who Use AAC
  4. Safety Matters: 5 Resources for People Who Use AAC

PrAACtical Thinking

  1. 72 Free and Lite Versions of AAC Apps
  2. AAC App Giveaway: It’s a PrAACtical Celebration
  3. 7 Apps for Adolescents with Special Needs
  4. “Not Dumb Now” (And Actually, Never Was)
  5. Pivotal Skills for AAC Intervention: Aided Language Input
  6. Before It’s Too Late: A PrAACtical Resource for Emergency Situations
  7. PrAACtical Tips for Passing the SLP PRAXIS on the First Try, Part 1
  8. PrAACtical Resources: Making Sense of Picture Symbol Options
  9. PrAACtice Fire Safety
  10. 25 Under 5: AAC Apps
  11. PrAACtical Intervention Ideas: AAC Learning with the Toys, Websites, and Apps You Love
  12. PrAACtical Reflections on Father’s Day
  13. Introducing RELAAACs: Rubric for Evaluating the Language of Apps for AAC
  14. Father’s Day Language Facilitation Activities
  15. Magic Moments: AAC Intervention with BrainPOP
  16. A Myth About Visual Schedule Lives On
  17. AAC & Aphasia: Resources in Support of National Aphasia Awareness Month
  18. Don’t Miss These Visual Supports
  19. LiveBinders: The Beginning
  20. It’s PrAACtically Summer: AAC & iPads on the Beach

Strategy of the Month: Language Facilitation Strategies for AAC

  1. Language Facilitation Round-Up
  2. The Art of Scaffolding as a Language Facilitation Strategy
  3. F is for Feedback
  4. Recasting
  5. Language Facilitation Strategies

Video the the Week

  1. Visual Supports for Building Appropriate Nonverbal Behavior
  2. Video of the Week: F is for Feedback
  3. Leading the Leaders: Administrator’s Role in the AT Process
  4. Simple AAC Technology that Can Make a Significant Difference

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