3 AAC Tips You Might Not Have Tried Yet

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3 AAC Tips You Might Not Have Tried Yet
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Looking for a few more tips to smooth out your AAC implementation? Here are a few to try out.

  1. Do you have parents or other stakeholders observing your therapy or lesson? Get them focused and engaged by having them collect data. For example, you can print out a copy of the child’s main AAC screens and have them make a hash mark on the words that their child uses during the observation. This won’t substitute for your own data but is a great way to keep them involved and help them focus on the target behaviors.3 AAC Tips You Might Not Have Tried Yet
  2. Take a photo or screenshot of the main page of a client’s communication book or AAC device/app and make it the home screen on your phone. You can use it to model AAC when the other options are not available. It’s far from perfect but can be helpful in a pinch.3 AAC Tips You Might Not Have Tried Yet
  3. Keep an AAC Wish List with things at various price points. You can have dollar store items, like pencil toppers that make cool pointers or resealable baggies, to ensure that there’s something for everyone who wants to contribute. You can also include no-cost items, such as help with laminating and cutting. Depending on your setting, you might want to display your wish list, print it out as a flyer, or add the contents to a class/therapy newsletter. Next time someone says, “Let me know if you need anything” or asks “How can we help?” you’re prepared with an answer.

Do you have AAC tips to share? We’re always eager to learn some new tricks!

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