PrAACtical Love for Twitter

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PrAACtical Love for Twitter
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Did we fail to mention that we are at Twitter Stage 4 ? (uh oh… we just found a 1-46 Twitter Stage Scale).  Twitter seems to be our favorite medium for getting and giving information quickly.  Although we still have so much to learn, as the song goes, here are a few of our favorite things:
  • 140 Characters– We love to shorten directed learning and teaching.  We only recently realized that listening to long (or short) lectures is not how we PrAACtically learn.  The 140 character limit helps us ‘flip’ the learning by letting us give a short ‘teaser’ and a link.  We love this.
  • HashTags- It took us awhile to understand hastags and now we love them. Edudemic published a great A-Z Dictionary of Educational Hashtags that we refer to often. It is great to have everything in 1 place.
  • Twitter Speak- We love the cool abbreviations that help you say what you want succinctly.  Some people feel this ‘abbreviated language’ is a view into the demise of written language, I do not agree.  We expect our clients and students to know when and where to use types of language so why can’t shorthand be acceptable for Twitter (& text)?
  • Love Who We are Following (& more than 1000 more, just follow us and then you can see who we follow)
TP Guide to Autism@thinkingautism
Ellen Seidman @LoveThatMax
tech in ed @techinspecialed
US Society for AAC@USSAAC
Communication Trust @Comm_nTrust

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