AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week # 5: January 2017

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AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week # 5: January 2017
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Can it really be the last week of January?! It was a great month for AAC learning, checking in with on-going projects, and planning for new ones. I’m looking forward to conversations with AAC stakeholders from around the world this Wednesday on Twitter, as I host the #ATchat (Feb 1, 8:00 pm ET). If you are new to Twitter or Twitter Chats or just don’t ‘get’ how it can support professional growth, you can learn more about that here. Even if you are an infrequent Twitter user, or if you are more of a lurker than a participant, we welcome you to join us. AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week # 5: January 2017

In the meantime, here are some of last week’s posts that you may have missed.

Monday: AAC Mythology v2.0: A Few Misconceptions About AAC Intervention

Wednesday: Video of the Week: Embedding AAC Throughout the Day

Thursday: Reducing Prompt Dependence in AAC Learners: 5 Things to Try

While you’re thinking about it, save the date for later in February for more Twitter Chat conversations…Hope to see you there!

Twitter Chat Feb 9 2017 7 pm ET


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