10 AAC Things to Do for Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month

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10 AAC Things to Do for Autism Acceptance Month
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Autism AcceptanceWe love  Autism Awareness and Acceptance Month. There is so much excitement and great community activities.  The month becomes very busy so we love choosing events and projects that facilitate autism acceptance and AAC learning.  We pass out materials, have contests, do extra trainings and have many public awareness events.  We make sure to support our events and activities with AAC materials.   Here are some of the things we do and recommend to support AAC and Autism learning. Please share any activities or projects that you know about.

  1. Bake, share, & eat some desserts. Use and include visual recipes when cooking. Need inspiration?..  Go to Your Special Chef for shopping lists and recipes. 
  2. Educate peers visually by using the Autism Acceptance Book: Being a Friend to Someone with Autism by Ellen Sabin
  3. Develop & Use a personal participation story (modified social story) to let alert someone that this will be a month filled with a lot of excitement and special events.  
  4. Print out and laminate some pre-made AAC communication displays and have them ready for an individual or group activity.
  5. Learn about core words for learners with autism.  Take a look at The Center for AAC and Autism by PRC.
  6. Shop for Core Words accessories at  Katie Ahern’s Teaching Learner’s with Special Needs On-line Shop and get core word illustrated pencil cases, coaster tiles, mugs, and more
  7. Check out an AAC blog that supports autism learning. See Kreed’s World with great video demonstrations of AAC teaching. 
  8. Watch an AAC & Autism Video: See an ABA Perspective on AAC for Students with Autism by Melissa Olive
  9. Create some visual supports for a student, teacher, or family who needs them. Then wrap them up  as a present and say “Happy Autism Acceptance Month”
  10. Read & share 5 references that support the use of AAC & Autism (evidence based research).

Stay AAC current! Subscribe to PrAACtical AAC, our communication and language support website.    EVERYONE should have access to communication strategies.

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