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PrAACtically Reading with Karen Natoci: I Like Myself

August 11, 2015 by - 3 Comments

PrAACtically Reading: I Like Myself with Karen Natoci

Karen Natoci is back with some wonderful ideas for building AAC skills using the book, I Like Myself.  Check out her lesson plan and suggestions for some prAACtical reading ::::::::::::::::::::::: Book:  I Like Myself!, by Karen Beaumont; Illustrated by David Catrow  (Scholastic Inc.) Core Vocabulary focus: I, WANT, LIKE, ME/MY, SAME, DIFFERENT, GO, IN, DO, Fringe Vocabulary focus- Body Parts: eyes, ears, nose, fingers, toes,  head, Opposites Vocabulary use: wild/tame, fast/slow, Core Vocabulary focus: I, LIKE, ME/MY, Fringe Vocabulary focus- Abstract VERBS: Think, say, COMMUNICATION Matrix (Rowland, 2009) Level:  I-VII ——————————————————————– School is just around the corner and the planning begins!  Our school year started in mid July. During the first two weeks, we decided to focus on the shared reading of:   I Like Myself! by Karen Beaumont.  This book is thoughtful, has great rhyme and rhythm, and is illustrated beautifully.  It is a great way to think about the... [Read More...]

PrAACtically Reading: Over in the Garden with Karen Natoci

June 11, 2015 by - 4 Comments

PrAACtically Reading: Over in the Garden with Karen Natoci

Karen Natoci is back with another wonderful book and plenty of ideas for AAC implementation. Enjoy! Book:  Over in the Garden, by Jennifer Ward, Illustrated by Kenneth J. Spengler Core Vocabulary focus: LOOK, IT, LIKE, NOT LIKE, IN, UH-OH OR OOPS. Literacy Level:  Emergent COMMUNICATION Matrix Level:  I-VII Four Block focus:  Shared Reading and Working with Words (at the alphabet/rhyme level) —————————————————— It is spring at our school in Michigan and everything is green and the plants are beginning to grow, fast!  I couldn’t wait to share my favorite book to sing:  Over in the Garden! We found the nearest plant, gathered a few plastic bugs, adapted the book with some cut out fringe words (each type of bug) and I sang into the microphone!  I decided to sing the book and play with sustaining certain words as you will see in this very short video.  The rhythm, rhyme and... [Read More...]

How I Do It: Classroom Support for Students with AAC Needs by Tina Moreno

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How I Do It: Classroom Support for Students with AAC Needs by Tina Moreno

We are fortunate to have a return visit from Tina Moreno, who brings her experiences both as an SLP and also as a mom of a teenager who has used AAC for most of his life. In this post, Tina shares some of the strategies that she has used to support AAC students in their classrooms. If you are a school-based SLP, don’t miss Tina’s classroom observation form for gathering data on how AAC is being used in various activities and lessons. GIVE THEM FIVE As an SLP in the school setting, helping teachers support students in the classroom can be a big challenge.  While we can see students making progress in our therapy sessions, it can be difficult to get the same results in the classroom.  An important role of the SLP is to collaborate with teachers to help students generalize these skills in conversation with their peers and other... [Read More...]

AACtual Therapy with Shareka Bentham: Let’s Get POPPING!!

April 16, 2015 by - Leave your thoughts

We are headed to Barbados with this post, to hear how SLP Shareka Bentham and her prAACtical friends are making popcorn and building language skills. You can see Shareka’s earlier posts here. I love the ease and versatility of this activity which could be a fun way for AAC learners to practice core vocabulary with a manual communication board/book, SGD, or PODD book. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I revisited this activity this week and thought that it would be a great one to share. It’s fun, functional and filling! What more do you need? Making popcorn together is not only one of the best group activities I’ve done, it’s also one of the most fun, and interactive AAC activities I’ve done.  It’s a chance to learn and use new vocabulary, take turns using the AAC device and to do some requesting and describing. Initially, when I worked on this activity I only used a... [Read More...]

How I Do It: Making a Back-up for High Tech AAC by Jeanne Tuthill

April 2, 2015 by - 21 Comments

How I Do It: Making a Back-up for High Tech AAC by Jeanne Tuthill

If you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night sweating over one of your AAC clients who doesn’t have a back-up communication tool, then this post is for you. Jeanne Tuthill is back with another prAACtical suggestion, this time on the importance of ensuring that people with AAC needs have communication options when their technology isn’t available or appropriate. In keeping with the generous spirit of the AAC field, Jeanne also shares her files for this project. Enjoy! How I Do It: Making a Back-up for High Tech AAC Each time I teach my graduate class I try to invite at least one AAC user in as a guest speaker to share their story with the students in the class.  It never ceases to fill my students with awe and appreciation for the challenges that AAC users face on a daily basis. My students often list it as... [Read More...]

PrAACtically April: A Month of Core

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PrAACtically April: A Month of Core Vocabulary

April is right around the corner, making this the perfect time to prepare some materials for practicing a new set of core vocabulary words. Rachael Langley is back to share some fun ideas for easy things to do to put that core vocabulary to work. She’s made two calendars, one with a focus word for each week and another one that covers many of the words in the April Year of Core Vocabulary list. These are great tools to print and share with classrooms or families. Click on the image to download the calendars or visit the Downloads sections of the eToolBox. Thanks for these great resources, Rachael!! Rachael  has been working in the public schools as a speech-language pathologist for over 12 years. Currently working as an AAC Specialist in Mid-Michigan, Rachael tells us that she strives to spread the message about the importance of AAC and unlocking the communication... [Read More...]

PrAACtically Reading with Karen Natoci: In My Pot of Gold

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PrAACtically Reading with Karen Natoci: In My Pot of Gold

It’s green where we live, but even our friends who’ve been battling snow and ice for far too long (!) have been seeing bits of color…IF you count the rainbows and gold-filled pots in their therapy rooms, offices, and classrooms. St. Patrick’s Day can be a fun, playful holiday to celebrate, and there are plenty of thematic materials around to build language and literacy skills. For some learners, acquiring holiday-related vocabulary. like shamrock and leprachaun, makes sense. But for most of the AAC learners with whom we work, the priorities are elsewhere. That’s one reason that I’m delighted to share Karen Natoci’s PrAACtically Reading for March. As always, Karen is incredibly generous in sharing both information and materials (such as her lesson plan and PowerPoint story). What I love most about her post, though, is that it honors the excitement and traditions of the holiday while keeping focused on the goal of building core... [Read More...]

PrAACtically Reading: Writing to Read with Karen Natoci

February 17, 2015 by - Leave your thoughts

PrAACtically Reading : Writing to Read with Karen Natoci

We are so pleased to have SLP Karen Natoci back with the second edition of PrAACtically Reading. You can see her first post here. I love that this lesson focuses on older students, providing an age respectful activity (who else loves Mad Libs?!) and a prAACtical way for students with lower verbal skills to develop their reading abilities. Writing to Read: Mad Lib, Core Words, and Literacy Instruction Core Vocabulary focus: like, dislike, uh-oh, again Sometimes it is fun to just write our own BIG BOOK and this month, we decided to do that by using a simplified “mad libs” format. Honestly, I’m not sure who had more fun, the teachers, the student authors or myself!  I was inspired by the work of Gretchen Hanser.  I attended her workshop on writing at Oakland Schools (MI) in the fall of 2013.  She showed us that all students develop writing and experience... [Read More...]

How We Do It: Auditory & Visual Scanning with Jack and Mary-Louise

February 4, 2015 by - Leave your thoughts

Most of us learn better when we get to see examples of how things are done. In AAC, we don’t have nearly enough examples to learn from so I’m always grateful when someone agrees to show us how they implement particular tools or strategies. Today, we send a big prAACtical “Thank You” to Jack and Mary-Louise in Australia. When children have significant motor limitations, partner-assisted scanning may be their best option for message selection. In this video, Jack and Mary-Louise show us how they use a combination of visual and auditory scanning. Mary-Louise points to choices in his PODD book and says the message aloud so Jack can consider his options. Jack does his part by signaling when he sees/hears a desired message. Because his body is terribly unoccoperative, he signals in a few different ways (i.e., ‘Yes’ with vocalization, eyebrow raises, head nods, &/or eye gaze, and ‘No’ with a... [Read More...]

AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week 43, October 2014

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AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week 43, October 2014

Sunday: Video of the Week – Getting Started with AAC Assessment Tuesday: Teach Me Tuesday – iAssist Communicator Wednesday: Global Day of AAC Thursday: How I Do It by Rachael Langley – PODD in the Classroom: Portable, Wearable, & Comfortable Friday: 5 Things that (Should) Guide SLPs in the Practice of AAC