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How I Do It with Rachael Langley: PODD in the Classroom – Quick Tips for Teams

October 9, 2014 by - 4 Comments

How I Do It by Rachael Langley: PODD in the Classroom

Today we welcome SLP Rachael Langley, who  has been working in the public schools as a speech-language pathologist for over 12 years. Currently working as an AAC Specialist in Mid-Michigan, Rachael tells us that she strives to spread the message about the importance of AAC and unlocking the communication potential of all students. In this post, Rachael shares some of her best tips for building communication with learners who are getting started with PODD books. The PODD system offers a complete language approach through carefully organized symbol sets. Because the PODD system promotes a language immersion model, there is no pressure on our language-learners reproducing specific words or patterns at a specific rate. Here are some quick tips I share with classroom teams who are starting out with PODD:  Input before output! Model, model, model! – Without digging too deep into the importance of Aided Language Stimulation, we want to make sure... [Read More...]

How I Do It: Cooking in the Classroom with Carol Goossens’

September 4, 2014 by - 3 Comments

How I Do It: Cooking in the Classroom with Carol Goossens'

There is something about fall that puts us in the mood for cooking. Today, we are honored to learn from an AAC pioneer, Dr. Carol Goossens,’ who is an SLP and special educator based in the New York City area. She has consulted extensively in a variety of classrooms serving the full spectrum of children with special needs. Carol has presented both nationally and internationally about her collaborative work with teachers, therapists and families. She is known for her ability to seamlessly integrate technology in the classroom and for developing innovative ways to help children learn …while having fun doing it! In this post, she shares one of her latest projects, making animated recipes for using in cooking activities in the classroom. Cooking appears to be motivating for most children … the magic of putting together ingredients that ultimately become something delicious to eat. Teachers, speech-language pathologists (SLPs) and occupational therapists (OTs) often use food preparation activities... [Read More...]

Learning How to Swim: On Being a New SLP Graduate in the Field of AAC

June 27, 2014 by - 1 Comment

Learning How to Swim: On Being a New SLP Graduate in the Field of AAC

We’re pleased to welcome a new guest blogger, Kate Munro, to our pages today. I first ‘met’ Kate on Twitter (@SpeechieKate) and was even more excited by her passion for AAC when I met her in person last month. Her passion for AAC began during a clinical placement while training at the University of Queensland. This snowballed when completing her honours with Dr. Bronwyn Hemsley on health professional’s views on communication in hospital for children with Cerebral Palsy and CCN.  Now living in South Australia, she is a speech pathologist working at Two Way Street, a private practice which specialises in AAC. In addition to this, she tutors students at Flinders University’s Disabilitiy and Community Inclusion Unit and volunteers her time as the South Australian Representative for AGOSCI. Since her honours research was published as part of a larger study, she has developed a greater interest in research but isn’t ready... [Read More...]

31 AAC Posts You May Have Missed in January, 2014

February 6, 2014 by - Leave your thoughts

31 Posts You May Have Missed in January

Strategy of the Month: PrAACtice Opportunities Building a PrAACtice Routine PrAACtical Communication Opportunities in SLP Sessions Using Aided Language To Build Communication Opportunities PrAACtical Excercise: Building Fluency with Decontextualized PrAACtice  PrAACtical Thinking Ringing in the New Year with an AAC App Giveaway- acorn Another Year of Core Vocabulary Get Organized for the New Year- 5 Visual Schedule Apps A PrAACtical Week: 2014 #1 Watch it Wednesday- Pain in Children with Developmental Disabilities PrAActical Peek: Decorating Cookies 31 Posts You May Have Missed in December A PrAACtical Week 2014 #2 Does AAC Really Work with Infants & Toddlers Watch it Wednesdays- Using and Creating Routines to Promote Interactions Throwback Thursday: Visual Schedule Roundup A PrAACtical Note of Appreciation A PrAACtical Week 2014 #3  Watch It Wednesday: I Hear Them All  A Totally Different Life A PrAACtical Week #4 SpeakAll! A Research-to-Practice Project  Make It PrAACtical: Make Your Own Battery Interrupter (Without Soldering) ... [Read More...]

September PrAACtice with a Year of Core Words

August 28, 2013 by - 1 Comment

September PrAActice A Year of Core Words

We continue to work with core words and if you have been following our  ‘Year of Core Words’, here are some ways to use the September words for  preparing, playing, & reading about ‘back to school’, making new friends, cooking and eating in the fall, and for general fall/autumn activities. Create opportunities throughout the day and add some aided language modeling (ALI),  repetition with variety, and meaningful language experiences, you will expand communication, language, and core word vocabulary quickly. September Core Word PrAACtice  Almost almost done he almost fell they look almost the same the book was almost my favorite Calltelephone call call me now call name softly let’s call her name loud Listen listen bell listen for the music the girl needs to listen I try to listen and learn Name same name name is not that her name is pretty that name is the same but spelled differen Nice nice and soft... [Read More...]

August PrAACtice Ideas- A Year of Core Words

July 31, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

August PrAACtice Ideas: A Year of Core WOrds

We continue to work with core words and if you have been following our  ‘Year of Core Words’, here are some ways to use the August words for  preparing, playing, & reading for  summer  fun and beginning school year activities. With some aided language modeling (ALI),  repetition with variety, and meaningful language experiences, you will expand communication and core word vocabulary quickly. Stay Calm & Model On… AUGUST WORDS any like any make any drink stop any talk later any play is good bring bring it bring me some after done bring there bring more to me day fun day play is fun day go day after find day to go there fall fall down want fall big fall ready go fall give give some what give me who give that lets give him some hot more hot that is hot put hot thing there it hot not cold now job... [Read More...]

Teaching Core Vocabulary

April 6, 2013 by - 24 Comments

Teaching Core Vocabulary

Among the many changes that the AAC field has experienced in the last decade is the notion that core vocabulary is (or should be) an integral part of any AAC system. We grew to understand the limitations of AAC supports that consist primarily of nouns and descriptors, realizing that those kinds of communication displays restricted our clients to requesting and labeling. Our field realized the inadequacy of providing only prestored messages (e.g., limited the client’s ability to communicate anything novel, not flexible enough to meet most communication needs, etc.). In essence, we realized that without core vocabulary, we were imposing a ceiling on language development. We’re thrilled to see so many communication boards, books, SGDs, and AAC apps reflect this knowledge. Having tools with the appropriate vocabulary is a big step in the right direction. But to really shatter the ceiling of language development, we have to be good at... [Read More...]

How I Do It: Supporting Teachers of Students with AAC Needs

February 21, 2013 by - 18 Comments

How I Do It: Supporting Teachers of Students with AAC Needs

We couldn’t be happier to have a guest  post by Jane Farrall for our How I Do It series. Jane has worked as a school and adult service based speech pathologist and literacy teacher. She has also worked as an assistive technology specialist and is currently working as an independent consultant in literacy, AAC and Assistive Technology. Jane has been working in the disability and assistive technology field for over 20 years. She has extensive practical experience in both AAC and in teaching children and adults with disabilities to acquire literacy. She has completed a Masters in Special Education focusing on literacy acquisition in children and adults without speech. Jane is a former Chairperson of AGOSCI (Australian Group on Severe Communication Impairment) and is the founder and organiser of the Big Mouth Camp, a camp for school aged students using speech generating devices and their families. You can get more... [Read More...]