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AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week #47: November 2019

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AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week #47: November 2019

Happy Sunday, AAC friends! It’s been a busy week here in Orlando at the 2019 ASHA Conference, but we still managed to get a few blog posts published. Here’s a recap for those who may have missed them. Monday –  TELL ME About It: AAC Learning with ‘From Head To Toe’ Tuesday – AAC Link Up Wednesday – Video of the Week: The Critical Nature of Literacy in AAC Thursday – How We Do It: Changing AAC Mindsets & Outcomes ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: While you’re here, check out some of these previously published posts. 5 Ways to Tell If Your Students are Becoming Competent Communicators A Look at PODD Books Using Visual Supports to Bring Music Alive Supports for When Modeling AAC is Hard AACtual Therapy: Use Your Best Spud to Teach Vocabulary With Tanna Neufeld

AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week # 30 – July 2018

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AAC Posts from PrAACtical Week # 30 - July 2018

Hope you had a wonderful, AAC-filled week. Here are a handful of posts you may have missed. Monday – Beyond the Basics: Thoughts On Effective Language Instruction for AAC Learners Tuesday – AAC Link Up Wednesday – Video of the Week: Aided AAC and the IEP Thursday – Beyond the Big Core Board :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Still have room for more? Here’s a small selection for you to peruse. “Can I Ask You a Question?” Language Experience Surveys Language Experience Surveys: 8 Fun Ideas Strengthening the Communication Environment Barriers to Access for AAC Learners Living an Accessible Life

AAC in the High School Classroom: Where Core Vocabulary Meets Life Skills

June 1, 2017 by - 20 Comments

AAC in the High School Classroom: Where Core Vocabulary Meets Life Skills

Today, guest blogger Sarah Mueller, a special education teacher in Rochester Michigan,  shares her thoughts on supporting core vocabulary learning while working on functional life skills. Sarah teaches high school students with intellectual and developmental disabilities and strives to embed language and communication throughout her students’ entire school experience. Sarah helps her students become strong self-advocates as they prepare for adult life. Marlene Cummings, Sarah’s colleague and mentor, introduces the post. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::           I (Marlene Cummings) had the pleasure of meeting Sarah 2 years ago as a new teacher in one of my districts. She immediately engaged in our county level professional learning opportunities in AAC and Literacy. The AAC focus presented strategies to support AAC and language learning including: core vocabulary, aided language input, vocabulary instruction and opportunities. The literacy focus was designed to create and implement a comprehensive literacy program taught by Drs. Karen Erickson and David Koppenhaver. The outcome:... [Read More...]

PrAACtical Teaching in an ASD Classroom: Bigger is Better with Core Vocabulary

March 14, 2016 by - 16 Comments

PrAACtical Teaching in an ASD Classroom: Bigger is Better with Core Vocabulary

Today we launch a new series, PrAACtical Teaching in an ASD Classroom, which will address the nuts and bolts of infusing AAC throughout the school day. I couldn’t be more delighted to introduce you to two talented special educators, Amy Devin and Lauren Pawlowski, who work in the public school system in Michigan. Amy and Lauren began teaching in self‐contained ASD elementary classrooms in 2009 and taught in resource rooms prior to that. When they first started with their own classrooms, there was not much talk about core language, let alone how to implement it on a classroom-wide basis. They started with a 32-cell core board on a digitized speech device and now use a 64-location core vocabulary on a manual communication board, large instructional core boards, and individual AAC devices. They are passionate literacy teachers and believe that every child can read, write and communicate. Enjoy their post and... [Read More...]

4 Things to Consider When Embracing a “New Normal”

September 8, 2015 by - 2 Comments

4 Things to Consider When Embracing a “New Normal”

It isn’t every day that we get to hear from AAC interventionists who’ve been doing this work for decades. Today, we are thrilled to welcome back SLP Marlene Cummings from Oakland Schools in Michigan.  Marlene has written several very popular posts on AAC in educational settings. (Click here to peruse them.) In this post, Marlene gets us thinking about ways to deal with change in a positive and sustainable fashion. Her passion for supporting both kids and colleagues is infectious. Enjoy! :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I have the privilege, as part of a 5 member AAC Team, of supporting 28 school districts with more than 100 teams serving students with complex communication needs using AAC. The staff members and teams we support come with varied levels of knowledge, diverse experiences, and degrees of confidence. For us the new school year is just around the corner. We are already receiving calls and emails reporting... [Read More...]

Throwback Thursday- Core Word Round-Up

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Throw-Back Thursday- Core Word Round-Up

Core Word Round-up!                             Core Word PrAACtice Ideas Magic Moments: AAC Intervention with  Stop and Go App Magic Moments with Toca Store  Magic Moments with Sentence Builder Magic Moments with Verb Circus HiJAACked! Putting an AAC Twist on Gen Ed AACtivities: The Hallelujah Flight AAC Goes to PreSchool 5 PrAACtical Uses for Flashcard Apps Visual Language, Core Words, & Martin Luther King Can I Ask You A Question? Breakthroughs with Bubbles with Tanna Neufeld 14 Valentine’s Day Activities, Love, Literacy, & Learning AAC Learning with Play Dough by Jamie Cooley 5 Ways to Use Power Point in AAC Intervention 5 PrAACtical Thoughts on Catch-Up Conversations How I do It- Marlene Cummings Shares an Implementation Toolbox AACtual Theray with Tanna Neufeld- Use Your Best Spud To Teach Vocabulary How I Do It- Marlene Cummings On Strengthening the Communication... [Read More...]

AAC ‘Must Haves’ for the Classroom and Speech Room

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AAC 'Must Haves' for the Classroom & Speech Room

As we were getting ready for back to school and thinking about ‘must haves’, it quickly became apparent that it is not so easy to narrow it down. And the ‘must haves’ would definitely vary depending upon type of class, students, and even school.  Based on a wide variety of differences, we organized a wide variety of choices to explore (we apologize in advance if we got carried away but…). Choose what you need, bookmark what  you may need later and let us know your  ‘must haves’ for a classroom and speech room AAC collaborative approach.  We will create an ongoing list. Get Started Before School Starts         Do these 10 Things to Get Started with AAC  if you are new to an AAC student or classroom Provide AAC Support in the Classroom. Support teachers and educators with tips from Jane Farrall, & learn about AAC in the Classroom by Joan... [Read More...]

31 AAC Posts You May Have Missed in July

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31 Posts You May Have Missed In July

PrAACtical Thinking Free Text-based AAC Apps for the iPad PrAACtical Questions: Can Students Take Their AAC Device Home? PrAACtical AAC Learning & July 4th: Get Ready Get Set Go 4 Free July 4th Apps to SPARK Commenting 30 Posts You May Have Missed in June 4+AAC Tips for Talking About July 4th AFTER the Festivities PrAACtically Ready to Read Did You Know: AADMD Offers Specialty Webinars Visual Schedule Myths Live On..& On Getting to Yes Working with Worksheets Apps to Prepare, Learn, & Talk About Summer Vacations Modify a Battery-Operated Toy To Make It Accessible By Switches 5 Great Ways To Help People with AAC Needs Develop Inner Speech What’s the Connection: Core Vocabulary and Visual Schedules Random App of Kindness Giveaway: Talk About Food Create Your Own Style PECS Book 5 Things to Consider About Assigning ‘Homework’ to Your AAC Clients 8Friday Fun: 8 AAC Activities that are Fast... [Read More...]

30 Posts You May Have Missed in June

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30 Posts You May Have Missd in June

Strategy of the Month AAC Assessment for People with Aphasia Communication Books & Aphasia Speech Supplementation Strategies Aphasia, Supported Communication, Written Choice Strategy, + Variations Making it Work: 6 AAC Strategies for People with Aphasia PrAACtical Thinking Be Chatty: 5 Tips for Supported Conversation 5 PrAACtical Thoughts on Catch-Up Conversations 31 Posts You May Have Missed in May Where to Get PrAACtical Research Reviews Supporting the Use of AAC Listen to Me About What I Need and Want It’s PrAACtically Fathers Day PrAACtical Summer Learning 5 Questions about Aphasia & Communication Books Safety Matters: 5 Resources for People Who Use AAC Weighing The Evidence PrAACtical Evidence on Presuming Competence Helping People with Aphasia Compensate for Their Language Difficulties with Dr. Kristy Weissling PrAACtical Summer Activities AACtual Therapy/ How I Do It Go Fish with AAC and Shareka Bentham Marlene Cummings Shares and Implementation Toolbox Use your Best Spud to Teach Vocabulary... [Read More...]

31 Posts You May Have Missed in May

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31 Posts You May Have Missed

Strategy of The Month Communication Boards: Colorful Considerations   Communication Boards Can Be Used For…. A Lot I Made A Communication Board: Bow What Join Together: Core & Fringe Vocabulary Fresh Look  AAC in the Classroom with Joan Bruno Friendship Skills for Children Who Use AAC with Dr. Erinn Finke Top 5 Switches for People With ALS by Amy Roman AAC & Dementia with Dr. Melanie Fried Oken AAC for Children Who Have Rett Syndrome with Dr. Theresa Bartolotta AACtual TherapyHow We Do It Essential Tricks for Supporting AAC in Schools, Part 2 PrAACtical Look: AAC at Dynamic Therapy Associates by Vicki Clarke A Framework for Success Getting Started in the Exciting World of Communication & AAC with Marlene Cummings AAC Myth Buster Wrap-Up PrAActical Thinking It’s PrAACtically Better Hearing & Speech Month 30 Posts You May Have Missed for Autism Awareness Month It’s PrAACtically Mother’s Day- 5 Activities that Support... [Read More...]