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Keep Learning About Core Words- 8 More Things to Do For Autism Acceptance Month

April 22, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

Keep Learning About Core Words 8 More Things to do for Autism Acceptance Month

April is Autism Awareness/Acceptance month.  It is exciting that there have been so many positive messages and activities around schools, communities, the country, and even the world.  It has been great that AAC and visual supports have been incorporated into many educational and communication programs (hopefully soon a ‘tipping point’, so that ALL students who need AAC systems will have them). One of the next ‘tipping points’ that would also be great to see is with the use of core words on communication displays. ‘Core Words’ are our Strategy of the Month and we are writing about the first 12 through the first 36. But, if you want more background information or to go well beyond 36 core words (which is the goal), Here are 8 More Things To Do For Autism Acceptance Month: Take a look at AAC Language Lab for Core Word Information Read ASHA- A Few Good... [Read More...]

Communication Circles: With A Little Help From My Friends

April 10, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

Communication Circles: With A Little Help from My Friends

On-line education has been a huge part of our professional development. With shrinking travel budgets and various time constraints, we love to make use of  a variety of on-line learning formats.  We recently were lucky enough to come across myInfinitec.  Infinitec stands for infinite potential through technology. Infinitec’s goal is to  advance independence and promote inclusive opportunities for children and adults through technology. Through myinfinitec, We found a free webinar that we just had to attend. That webinar was: Communication Circles: With A Little Help From My Friends by Dr. Caroline Musselwhite.   A huge thanks to Jennifer T. Skalitzky from myinfinitec for facilitating the webinar and the information in this post. Dr. Musselwhite has generously taken the time and effort to summarize the key features of  Communication Circles and to make the handouts available.  So if you have interest in helping AAC users to communicate naturally, in a variety of... [Read More...]

How I Do It: Encouraging AAC Implementation

January 17, 2013 by - 26 Comments

How I Do It: Encouraging AAC Implementation

Nothing makes us happier than hearing AAC success stories. It’s thrilling to hear of folks who are using AAC tools and strategies to communicate effectively. We love hearing how their language develops and the positive changes that makes in their lives. It also makes us curious as to what made ‘this’ story a success story. One of our goals for the new year was to give PrAACtical AAC followers a look into the experiences of professionals outside their own communities. Last week, we introduced AACtual Therapy, a series of guest posts by SLPs who are willing to give us a peek into their AAC therapy sessions. Today, we introduce How I Do It, a series in which we invite SLPs to share how they tackle common issues, tasks, or problems. We’re excited to launch the series with a post from Lauren Enders, a clinician who supports the AAC community beyond... [Read More...]