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PrAACtically Valentine’s Day: 5 Activity Ideas for AAC Learning

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PrAACtically Valentine’s Day: 5 Activity Ideas for AAC Learning

The novelty of a holiday creates the opportunity for fun and motivating activities that we can use to teach and practice language, literacy, and AAC skills. If you’re looking for a few more Valentine’s Day activities, we have some ideas for you to explore. Core Words to Target Pronouns: I, you, it, we Action verbs: do, go, give, get, help, know, like, open, read, see, take, want Phrasal verbs: put in/on, take out Locatives: here, there Modifiers: bad, big, fun, good, little, more, some Social words: hi, thank you Determiners: this, these Interrogatives: how, what, who, where Activity-specific Words to Target Colors, shapes People: boy, girl, child, teacher Verbs: paint, squeeze, write Descriptors: nice, smelly, squishy, sticky Nouns: marker, orange (fruit), paint Activity Suggestions Do some Heart Stamping Get gooey while making and playing with Valentine Slime   Read a book about kindness like The Nice Book,  The Invisible Boy, or Somebody... [Read More...]

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14 Valentine’s Day Activities: Love, Literacy, & Learning

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14 Valentine's Day Activities

14 Valentine’s Day Activities for Love, Literacy, & Learning  Valentine’s Day is a theme that seems to take precedent in February.  When we use this theme, we like to focus on it before, during, and after February 14th because then there is a lot of opportunity to talk about it before, during, & after the holiday.  This is like conversation which involves so much more than talking about the ‘here & now’. For the Computer: Use Heart Generators                 http://www.cryptogram.com/hearts/ http://acme.com/heartmaker/ http://www.bobarmadillo.com/sluggyv-day/ Use Word Clouds Taxedo Wordle Image Chef Practice Valentine’s Day Spelling Words Research Valentine’s Day & Write Key Fringe Vocabulary Create sentences with core words using multiple hearts Write word poems using heart generators Have students take turns telling you or another student what to write on the hearts Apps Special Valentine Day Apps First Words Valentines– Free-  learn and spell key Valentine’s Day vocabulary. Nice errorless learning... [Read More...]

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