PrAACtically Valentine’s Day: 5 Activity Ideas for AAC Learning

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PrAACtically Valentine’s Day: 5 Activity Ideas for AAC Learning
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The novelty of a holiday creates the opportunity for fun and motivating activities that we can use to teach and practice language, literacy, and AAC skills. If you’re looking for a few more Valentine’s Day activities, we have some ideas for you to explore.

Core Words to Target

  • Pronouns: I, you, it, wePrAACtically Valentine’s Day: 5 Activity Ideas for AAC Learning
  • Action verbs: do, go, give, get, help, know, like, open, read, see, take, want
  • Phrasal verbs: put in/on, take out
  • Locatives: here, there
  • Modifiers: bad, big, fun, good, little, more, some
  • Social words: hi, thank you
  • Determiners: this, these
  • Interrogatives: how, what, who, where

Activity-specific Words to Target

  • Colors, shapes
  • People: boy, girl, child, teacher
  • Verbs: paint, squeeze, write
  • Descriptors: nice, smelly, squishy, sticky
  • Nouns: marker, orange (fruit), paint

Activity Suggestions

  1. Do some Heart Stamping
  2. Get gooey while making and playing with Valentine Slime  
  3. Read a book about kindness like The Nice Book,  The Invisible Boy, or Somebody Loves You, Mr. Hatch
  4. Do some Valentine-themed Mad Libs, like these from Rachel Lynette 
  5. Make healthy Valentine snacks, like these Conversation Oranges, and deliver them to friends
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