14 Valentine’s Day Activities: Love, Literacy, & Learning

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14 Valentine's Day Activities
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14 Valentine’s Day Activities for Love, Literacy, & Learning 

Valentine’s Day is a theme that seems to take precedent in February.  When we use this theme, we like to focus on it before, during, and after February 14th because then there is a lot of opportunity to talk about it before, during, & after the holiday.  This is like conversation which involves so much more than talking about the ‘here & now’.

For the Computer:

Use Heart Generators                




Use Word Clouds



Image Chef

  1. Practice Valentine’s Day Spelling Words
  2. Research Valentine’s Day & Write Key Fringe Vocabulary
  3. Create sentences with core words using multiple hearts
  4. Write word poems using heart generators
  5. Have students take turns telling you or another student what to write on the hearts


Special Valentine Day Apps

  1. First Words Valentines– Free-  learn and spell key Valentine’s Day vocabulary. Nice errorless learning format with clip art pictures that would work with almost any age.
  2. Draw with Hearts- Happy Valentine’s Day– Free – Can be used for creative drawing, cause effect activities, and or guided drawing.
  3. i See quence…Valentine’s Day Social Stories– .99- Create or read social stories about Valentine’s Day. Can be used as a schedule and  fully customized with photos and voice.  Nice check off system for completion of steps of activities.

Apps you May Already Have but Can be Used for Valentine’s Day

  1. Photo Story Apps can be used to write stories about love or Valentine’s Day. Pictello, Story Creator, Tapikeo, are just a few examples.
  2. Story Creation with Character Apps can also be used to write fantasy or pretend stories about love or Valentines Day. Toontastic, Puppet Pals, This is My Story (And I’m Sticking to It) are just a few examples.
  3. Word Art  Apps can be used to take pictures of things about love or Valentine’s Day and then to write or copy words that go with the picture. This can be done at the letter, word, or sentence level. Some examples are: Word Foto, Visual Poetry, Visual Poet,
  4. Text Caption Apps- Can be used to highlight key words or sentences about a photo. Some examples are OverGram, TitleFx, Comic Touch Lite,
  5. Card Creation Apps- Create Valentine’s Day Cards with photo apps and/or pre-made cards. Can practice signing name, writing messages, and communicating with parents, teachers, peers when giving and receiving cards. A good time to practice giving compliments as well.  Some examples are- imikimi Photo Frames & FX, Red Stamp, Paperless Post, Holiday Video Cards
  6. Video Creation Apps– Communicate while being directors, actors, etc. Write a short play about love or Valentine’s Day.  Examples are: Magistico, Cinecam, Videolicious

Read, Discuss, Analyze, Books About Love – 


Biscuits Valentine’s Day–  $2.99

Little White Bunny- It’s Valentines’ Day– $1.99

I Love You Little Bird .99

The Kissing Hand– Free

Cooper’s Big Bear Hug– Free

Also Check Out Book Sources

Tar Heel Reader



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