5 Quick and Easy Games That Build AAC Skills

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5 Quick and Easy Games That Build AAC Skills
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Have a few minutes and want to get in some core word prAACtice without making it seem like work? Giving the AAC learner a chance to boss us around and direct us do things just because they tell us to is something that has worked for us more times that we can count.

Put the AAC learner in control and make it fun. Get your silly on and ham it up but remember to use aided language input throughout the process. Here are some ideas.

  1. They say: “Go,” “Sit,” “Tell,” or “Walk.” We act that out in the craziest way possible.
  2. They say: “Happy,” “You happy,” “Sad,” or “You sad.” We make the most ridiculous happy/sad faces imaginable.
  3. They say: “What,” “What is it?” or “What is that?” We use the context to figure out what they’re referring to and say “It is a ___.”
  4. They say: “Get the ____,” or “Where is the ___?” We rush to find it and come back to say “Here it is!”
  5. They say “Go.” We run around in circles for a bit and then say “Stop.” Repeat until you’re too dizzy to continue.

Working with beginning communicators? Play both roles until the learner gets the hang of it. The key is to keep it light, be a bit silly, and boost the ‘fun factor.’

What games do you play to boost opportunities for AAC practice? We’d love to hear your ideas.


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