Video of the Week: TELL ME – AAC in the Preschool Classroom

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Video of the Week: TELL ME - AAC in the Preschool Classroom
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Do you work in or support preschool classrooms? Are you interested in infusing more AAC teaching throughout the day? If so, the TELL ME program may be of interest. This post has an overview of the program I developed with my friend and colleague, Lori Wise, in order to give teachers and therapists a better understanding of ways that they can integrate AAC learning throughout the classroom day.

Many thanks to the fine folks at Saltillo for inviting me to do this webinar and for allowing us to share the recording.  We are grateful for the support of SLP Joni Nygard and the wonderful team at Attainment for helping us bring this work to fruition.

Video of the Week: TELL ME - AAC in the Preschool Classroom

You can download the handout for the video here and see some samples of the TELL ME program here.

What works for you in teaching AAC in the preschool classroom? Share your ideas so we can all learn from one another.

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  • Jennifer says:

    Hello! I’m unable to access any YouTube content from school. Can you please provide a different way to access the video? Thanks for the information!

  • Sarah says:

    Is this program appropriate for beginning AAC users in Kindergarten as well? Is there another program for early elementary AAC users?

  • Melissa Kern says:

    I just finished watching your video presentation on the Tell Me program and at the end the was a question about doing the program at home. We homeschool my beginning AAC 9 year old daughter who is developmentally 4 to 5 and I would love to have information on the pilot program you shared about and if you have developed an at home program.

  • Emma Mateo says:

    Hi Ms. Melissa. I am a special educator currently in a Co-Taught preschool classroom. May I ask your suggestion as to where should I be focusing first -as I start embedding ACC in my practice? I strongly believe that your platform is very helpful and relevant for all teachers, especially for us who are teaching young learners. More so, students who have IEP goals that are going to be challenging to address remotely. I greatly appreciate your assistance.

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