Video of the Week: Tangible Symbols for AAC Use

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Video of the Week: Tangible Symbols for AAC Use
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For some individuals, the use of objects to represent nouns, verbs, and other words can open doors to communication and language. Today, we feature a video from the 2022 AAC in the Cloud Conference, hosted by CoughDrop. In this recorded presentation, SLP Emily Macklin introduces us to tangible symbols for AAC use and provides helpful tips for implementing them throughout the day.

You can obtain the handout for this presentation here

Many thanks to Emily and to CoughDrop for making this important information available.

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  • C.L. Lane says:

    The resources to access materials to create a toolbox of symbol was an added benefit to learning about tactile symbols. It was also very helpful that the presenter briefly addressed combining tactile symbols to communicate functions in addition to choice making.

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