Video of the Week: Preparing for an AAC Journey

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Video of the Week: Preparing for an AAC Journey
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Looking to support a family who is new to AAC? Working with a teacher or SLP who is ready to boost their implementation of AAC across the day? Do we have a resource for you!

The Angelman Syndrome Foundation has put together a truly amazing set of videos and support materials to help us get started in AAC implementation. While developed in support of children and adults with Angelman Syndrome, the information has much broader applicability and is appropriate for a wide range of developmental disabilities. The first one, From Goals to Growth: The Essential Elements Of An AAC System, is presented by SLP Maureen Nevers, an AAC Consultant from Burlington, Vermont. It covers the components of an AAC system and learn specific practices to increase the quality of an AAC system.

Video of the Week: Preparing for an AAC Journey

You can get the handout for this presentation here.

In the second video of the series, Maureen addresses the question of app selection. In Does Your App Measure Up? Evaluating AAC Supports, she reviews the features of robust communication system and helps us consider the extent to which the AAC tools under consideration meet these criteria.

Video of the Week: Preparing for an AAC Journey


Click here for the handouts and printable resources.

Kudos to the Angelman Syndrome Foundation for their commitment to supporting the communication needs of children and adults. You can see more of the videos from this project here and register to participate ‘live’ in the online trainings throughout the year. By investing in high-quality training for families and professionals, the Angelman Syndrome Foundation is breaking ground with this amazing project. If you work with people who have developmental disabilities, this is a group to watch. Mark my words: This project will change lives.

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  • I started working with AAC kiddos in the school setting. Several of them have AAC devices with various communication programs on them. I came across the PODD communication books. I am interested to know how to make one for these kiddos.

    On another note, when I go in the classroom to work with the kiddos during language arts time none of them have their IPADS out or are using them. How can assist the aids and teacher in making the devices user friendly so they will integrate them into the lesson.

    Additionally, I feel that the best way to teacher someone to use a communication devices if for me to use it my self. Am I correct? I have so many questions for you Dr. Zangari.
    Just so you know you were my professor for AAC in the school setting from Nova.

    • Avatar photo Carole Zangari says:

      So nice to hear from you, Nicole! I am thrilled that you are invested in the world of AAC, and appreciate your questions. I agree that one terrific way to inspire others to use more AAC in the classroom is to be a good role model. The more we use AAC, the more comfortable others will be in trying it for themselves. We’ve written lots of posts on helping classroom teams increase their use of AAC, so try searching for terms like education and classroom and check out those that look interesting to you. The best advice I can offer is to stay positive and be persistent!

      PODD is a bit of a different AAC option and it works best when you’ve had some good training in how to use those. Here are some posts to get you started.

      Keep in touch, Nicole!

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