Video of the Week: MASTER PAL Modules 6-7

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Video of the Week: MASTER PAL Modules 6-7
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We’re big fans of Tabi Jones-Wohleber’s Model as a MASTER PAL series, so when we discovered video presentations using this material we knew we had to share it here. Previously, we posted a set of videos by Amanda Sheriff which covered MASTER PAL Modules (see that here). 

In today’s post, we’re featuring two AAC specialists familiar to PrAACtical AAC readers, Jeanna Antrim and Maggie Judson. These wonderful videos are based on Tabi’s series and provide lots of prAACtical information.

Many thanks to Jeanna, Maggie, and, of course, Tabi, for generously sharing your work on training communication partners.


Module 6: Motivate


Module 7: Statements More Than Questions

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