Video of the Week: Gaming & AAC

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Video of the Week: Gaming & AAC
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Whether you are in a part of the world that is re-opening or still hunkering down in relative isolation, we can all use a little diversion. In today’s featured video, SLP Shaun Pearson covers ways that we can use board games, role-playing games, and story-based games to support language learning by individuals with AAC needs. If you are looking to add some fun activities to the lives of the AAC learners with whom you work, you’ll find a lot of creative suggestions in this video which was hosted by ISAAC Canada and offered with the support of ISAAC. Resources for digitally adapted games and printable materials are also shared. 

You can obtain the slides for this session here and view additional resources here

Many thanks to Shaun for this engaging presentation, to ISAAC Canada for organizing and hosting it, and to ISAAC for their support of this webinar series. 


Video of the Week: Gaming & AAC

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