Video of the Week – Classroom Practices: From ‘Some AAC’ to ‘Good AAC’

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Video of the Week - Classroom Practices: From ‘Some AAC’ to ‘Good AAC'
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The good news is plentiful.

  • A growing number of classrooms incorporate some form of AAC.
  • Teachers and therapists are increasingly aware of the value of augmentative forms of communication and are recognizing the potential for communication growth in all of their students.
  • School teams are stepping up to provide access to activity-based communication boards, communication books, low tech SGDs, and AAC apps.
  • They are creating opportunities for teaching and using these forms of AAC in specific classroom activities.
  • In many cases, teachers and therapists are growing dissatisfied with the outcomes. Students are more engaged in the activities are improving their ability to participate appropriately. They aren’t always becoming competent communicators who can express themselves independently throughout the day. It’s frustrating to scramble to find and/or create materials and resources, make significant changes to activities, work hard to implement them, and still not get the expected outcome. It’s exhausting. It’s disappointing, and it’s frustrating.

Why is that discontent a good thing?

Simply put, discontent can inspire growth. And growth is exactly what is needed. These teams have come a long way, and that is a very good thing. Now it’s time for them to take the next steps forward.

Today’s video is all about taking those next steps in the journey, and we couldn’t have a better tour guide than Gail Van Tatenhove, a master AAC clinician whose work has helped countless individuals. As part of the Power AAC series she developed with the support of PaATTAN, this video helps us consider current classroom practices and walks us through the process of identifying how we can build on our existing activities, routines, and teaching methods to enhance the communicative competence of students with AAC needs.

Many thanks to Gail and the amazing team at PaTTAN for making this video available.

Video of the Week - Classroom Practices: From ‘Some AAC’ to ‘Good AAC'

Stay tuned for more on this important topic.


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  • Kim says:

    This is an amazing resource that I am hoping to share with my teachers of students who have complex communication needs.

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