Video of the Week: Advocating for Communication Rights

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Video of the Week: Advocating for Communication Rights
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“Like many, over my 63 years, I have known what it is like to be wrongfully convicted of being less intelligent, less human, and, therefore, having less of a need and capacity and, thus, little to no right to effectively express ourselves and to be understood.”

“All because others cannot understand us. Let me repeat that. All because others cannot understand us.” (B. Williams, 2020)

Advocacy is a vitally important undertaking for AAC users, professionals, and families alike. Today’s video features a conversation between Susie Lotharius and Bob Williams, of CommunicationFIRST that was part of the 2020 Innovations in Education Conference. Listen in as they discuss the fight for communication rights in the context of the larger disability rights movement and share information about tools and strategies that we can all use in our advocacy efforts.

Many, many thanks to the presenters and to CommunicationFIRST for making this important talk available.  

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