Video of the Week: AACtual Advocacy

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Video of the Week: AACtual Advocacy
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Better Hearing and Speech Month (#BHSM) is all about reaching out and advocating for access to communication supports. As professionals, advocacy is part of our core roles, though we generally struggle with finding the time to do as much as we’d like to.

Few of us, however, have the opportunity to speak about behalf of AAC on the floor of the United States Senate. In today’s post, we share the recording of Rick Creech, lifelong user of AAC, speaking to the Special Committee on Aging. In the first part, we hear Rick’s prepared remarks to the Senate. Rick takes questions from the committee in the second video.

Aging Without Community: The Consequences of Isolation and LonelinessVideo of the Week: AACtual Advocacy

Rick Answers Senators’ Questions

Video of the Week: AACtual Advocacy

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This post was written by Carole Zangari

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  • Kelly Fonner says:

    Rick has always had a power way of sharing his vast experience & information; as this Congressional Special Committee quickly learns. If you are a parent of a child with an AAC system, an SLP, teacher or however you are connected in this field, find 10 minutes to listen to Part 1 and it will entice you into finding the time to hear his responses to their questions in Part2. Listen with your child or your classroom (you may need to sensor what he says about his dad motivating him – I think he uses the word “butt”) Ever with his charm, Rick gets his point across in many ways. I was happy to have the opportunity to once be a colleague of Rick’s and when back in PA am always glad to have the chance to talk with him and catch up.

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