Video of the Week: AAC in Acute Care

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Video of the Week: AAC in Acute Care
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Hospitalization can be difficult and scary under any circumstance, but when the individual uses AAC, there are increased risks for adverse effects and other problems.

How can we reduce risk and improve communication between healthcare providers and people who use AAC?

Today’s featured video is part of the wonderful USSAAC Webinar Series. Dr. Richard Hurtig, from the University of Iowa and Voxello, discusses ways to facilitate improved communication between hospitalized patients with AAC needs and healthcare providers.

Many thanks to USSAAC, Dr. Hurtig, and ISAAC for making this archived webinar available.

Video of the Week: AAC in Acute Care

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This post was written by Carole Zangari

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  • Valerie Maples says:

    Such an important topic, Carole! When Doug was in ICU for the 6+ weeks in 2014, no one had a clue and we were met with high resistance on anything from auditory scanning to a high tech eye-gaze while he was intubated. It led to many medical mishaps and oversights that could have been easily avoided with an emphasis on patient involvement via AAC in the ICU.

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