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It’s PrAACtically the New Year- Let’s Cook!

December 27, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

It's PrAActically New Years- Let's Cook

The New Year is almost here. But first is hopefully a big New Year’s Eve celebration whether at home or in the community.   We usually bring a home made ‘dish’ with us where ever we ‘go’ or ‘stay’.  New Year’s Eve is a family event for us and as we have said before we cook and bake as part of our holiday season traditions.  Here are some great visual recipes sites and one new visual recipe from us to you.   Special Chef–  The recipes are organized with a shopping list, category of food, level of difficulty and lesson guides.   Food Tastes Better Outside (Widgit)– Visual recipes for healthy picnic food.  Symbolworld Recipe Section–   Many recipes simply illustrated using widget symbols. Speaking of Speech Cooking Materials-   Visual recipes presented in different ways         Chocolate Covered Pretzels-  Our recipe on Teachers Pay Teachers.         ... [Read More...]

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