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Video Modeling and AAC

January 12, 2015 by - 3 Comments

Video Modeling and AAC

Video modeling is an empirically supported instructional strategy that can help some learners acquire and use a range of new skills. It involves videotaping the expected or desired behavior so that our clients can see, hear, and better understand the skills they are trying to learn. We’ve posted videos about it in the past and know that many of you use it or have considered using it in your clinical practice. Most of the applications have been with speaking children and young adults, but many AAC learners can benefit as well. If you’re thinking of trying out this strategy in your own practice, here are some resources that might be helpful. In a nutshell: Visit the National Center for Professional Development on Autism to review the EBP practice brief on video modeling. Their documents are great for sharing with families and other team members, too. Getting started: Visit Dr. Christine Reeve’s... [Read More...]

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