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AAC Vocabulary Lists

December 16, 2013 by - 8 Comments

AAC Vocabulary Lists

We were looking for some core vocabulary lists the other day and it struck us: Maybe you were, too! Here are some we found, both for core words and other AAC-related topics. Core Vocabulary Adults  – Baladin& Iacono, 1999 via Minspeak.com Adults – Hill, 2001 via Minspeak.com Toddlers – Banajee et al. 2003 via Minspeak.com Children [UNL] Preschool Children – Marvin et al. 1994 via Minspeak.com Children (combined sources) – Anderson & Bitner, 2013 Common core related words [UNC CLDS] Young adults [UNL] Older adults [Stuart, et al., 1997, via Minspeak.com] Various classroom, academic, and related lists [Gail Van Tatenhove] ALS  [UNL] Break time at work [UNL] Dolch words: PreK through 3rd grade Medically-oriented [UNL] Young children  [UNL] Know of one that we should add to the list? Please comment or get in touch so we can add it in. ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: UNC: University of North Carolina UNL: University of Nebraska-Lincoln

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