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Merry Christmas PrAACtical AAC Style- Creating Language Rich Traditions

December 25, 2012 by - Leave your thoughts

Merry Christmas- PrAACtical AAC Style

5 Ideas for Creating Language Rich Holiday Traditions   The holiday season is a great time to initiate and continue traditions.   Since  we try to NOT create more work for ourselves if possible, most of our traditions have evolved from activities that helped us at some point.  We like holiday traditions because they tend to ease the chaos by building in predictable routines. Each year we talk about traditions (for awhile this was a new vocabulary word), we sometimes write them down, illustrate them, and look at the list at the beginning of the next holiday season. Your family probably has many traditions that might just need to be named and organized. But if you are looking to add some new traditions, here are some of our favorites.  If you have any, please share. Photography & Stories– Pictures are a great way to tell a story or talk about... [Read More...]

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