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Think Inclusive’s Tim Villegas presents: Essential Assistive Technology for the Inclusive Classroom

August 21, 2013 by - Leave your thoughts

Think Inclusive's Tim Villegas presents Essential Assitive Technology for the Inclusive Classroom

One of our wishes is that all of our students have educators like Think Inclusive’s– Tim Villegas.   He has worked in special education and with people with disabilities for the past decade.  He has been dedicated to talking and writing and talking about  inclusion for everyone (and yes, everyone means everyone). We feel so lucky Tim is our guest blogger today.  Read and learn about  ‘essentials’ for assistive technology in the inclusive classroom. One of my favorite things to tell people when I discuss what kind of assistive technology (AT) to have for a particular student is to think about their strengths and build from there. In my first year of teaching students with significant cognitive and physical disabilities, one of my students was really good at pushing her foot out to make an affirmative response. So when looking at where to provide a switch or button for her to access…the natural choice... [Read More...]

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