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Teach Me Tuesday- Sounding Board by AbleNet

May 6, 2014 by - 6 Comments

Teach Me Tuesday Sounding Board by AbleNet

  Welcome back to Teach Me Tuesday, featuring the free AAC app- Sounding Board from AbleNet.  Here are the learning resources we will be using. Be sure to watch the fantastic AbleNet webinar by Mo Buti. Sounding Board Operating Instructions Where to Go for Help: About Sounding Board Videos– under Additional Information tab or Technical Support AbleNet Webinar. Go to AbleNet University.           Click on  .  Then scroll down and find and view:             Title: SoundingBoard app – Bigger and Better! – 60 Minutes            Presenter: Mo Buti, M.Ed-BD, M.Ed-ADMIN            Description: This awesome free app has gotten a makeover! This free app is a communication system that is simple to program and use. Some of the new options include better graphics,  screen rotation, new lay-outs, larger message board, and much more. I will go through and demonstrate this great app!   Session Level: Beginner 

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